Q:      Where are you located? /Do you have a shop?  How and where can I buy these fantastic, one of a kind pieces?

A:        I live in Moorhead, Minnesota.  I currently do not have a shop but it is certainly a long-term goal of mine.  I operate out of my house and do a few shows in the area.  I am always willing to show an item and sell in between shows.  Feel free to contact me if you are ever interested in seeing a piece. I post photos of new pieces in my “Items Available” album on my Facebook page.

Q:      Do you deliver? How about shipping?

A:        We do free delivery for larger furniture pieces within the Fargo/Moorhead area.  Special arrangements may be available for an additional fee.  Contact me for more info.  Currently, I only ship my small items within the US.  These include my wood to photo transfers and jewelry boxes along with a few decor items and signs.  They are surprisingly affordable to ship, contact me for a shipping quote.

Q:      Why aren’t I getting all of your notifications/new item updates on Facebook?

A:        Liking a Facebook business page will not guarantee you get all of their notifications.  If you are interested in seeing all of my posts (don’t worry, I only post a few things week) you must go to the “de-uglied designs” Facebook page, hover over the “liked” button on the screen.  A menu will pop up that will say “get notifications” check that box and you will get all of my posts!  You can always cancel it as well, just repeat the process and uncheck.  (But don’t do that, that’s crazy yo!)

Q:      Do you use chalk paint or other specialty paints?

A:        I do occasionally use Annie Sloan chalk paint, especially during the winter when the prep work is less fun (outside blizzard sanding… bla!) I highly recommend her paint, especially when you are not wanting to put in all the work to sand and prep a piece.  I also often use Home Depot’s line of chalk paint, and milk paint by General Finishes.   And I’ve sampled many others great paints.  Because I am on a limited budget and want to use my own colors, I often make my version of chalk paint as well using calcium carbonate.  I have done side by side comparisons and have not found one to be superior to the other both in finish or durability.  BUT, I do prep my pieces beforehand when using my DIY version.

Q:      Do you paint client’s existing pieces?

A:        Absolutely!  Send me a photo in the message section of my Facebook page or at deuglieddesigns@yahoo.com”.  I will send you a quote.

Q:      What if I am looking for something specific, can you help me?

A:        I sure can, my husband and I are always online, at auctions, garage sales, etc.  If I have an idea of what you are looking for, both style and price I will help you find it and can paint it a custom color or design of your choosing.  If I find something I think you would like, I will send you a photo along with the quote for the finished piece.   If you have an idea of exactly what you want done with the piece, just let me know, if you need ideas, I have LOTS.

Q:      How do you determine the price?  Are prices negotiable?  What forms of payment do you accept?

A:       Price is determined by several factors, 1) How much of my own money I have into it  2) How much time I have into it  3) What are similar pieces selling for locally  4) How much do I want to keep it for myself.  (haha, the last one is kinda true) You are always welcome to negotiate a price with me, but just a tip, I am must more willing to negotiate with something I’ve had for a while, versus something I just posted.  I take cash, check, papal (if you want to pay me online) and major credit cards.

Q:     What up with the photo to wood transfers?  Can you really blow up one of my photos and transfer it onto wood?

A:      Yes!  Not only do I have a lot of great photos for you to choose from, but I can also transfer a personal photo onto wood as well.  Just send me a digital photo via Facebook or email and I can blow it up to almost any size you want, of course, the higher the quality the better the image, but the process is pretty forgiving as well.  Don’t have a digital image?  No problem.  I have had excellent results taking a photo of a photo.  For real!  I can also add a favorite quote, verse or lyric to your photo, back it with a variety of cool wood frames, you dream it up, I’ll make it happen!  Message me with your idea, and I’ll give you a quote.

Here is an example of a photo to wood transfer with writing on it.
Here is an example of a photo to wood transfer with writing on it.

Q:     I saw a cool idea on Pinterest/Online, can you replicate the look or even build the item for me?

A:     I am willing to try!  I’m always looking for new techniques.  I also happen to be married to a contractor who can do just about anything I’ve requested, so feel free to contact me with your idea.  If it is something we can tackle, I’ll give you a quote.


Q:    Who are the people behind “de-uglied designs”?

A:     My name is Jessie Schultz, I run the Histology Lab and NDSU’s Veterinary Diagnostic Lab.  I have been married to my wonderful, talented husband Ryan for 12+ years.  We have two kids, Emmalee is 13, and Kadin is 9.  We live in South Moorhead.


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