And the winner is………..

I’ve been making nativity scenes.  N.S.’s everywhere.   A month ago, these bad boys were flying off the shelves of my shop, aka. my garage and kitchen.   I was tempted to put them all on my wall at once and really give my family a Christmas high, (with the spirit of the holiday, and maybe a hint of stain fumes)

Nativity Scene


During the process, it occurred to me that these little guys weren’t so bad to make, assembly line style, and it got me thinking… hmmmm, what else could I make is certain quantities, that real people would want to own?  This thought plagued me for several days, and then it hit me, I don’t need to come up with an idea, I can make someone else do it for me!  That’s where all you faithful Facebook followers came in.  (You guys ROCK!!)  So I put it out there in the form of an adorable ad on my Facebook page….

my original ad
my original ad

I’m not going to lie, my contest didn’t take off initially.  For those of you that have a Facebook business page, you know that some posts get very few views, which was the case with my ad announcing my super fun contest.  Hours after I posted it,  I said to myself, Jessie.. no more stupid ideas…NO!  and I hung my head a little lower than usual for a good part of the evening.  To my relief, I did get a few great ideas right off the bat, and they were actually some of my favorites, so it wasn’t a total loss.  But then the contest mostly fizzled out.


After a week or so, I decided to take my few entries (I think there were around 15) and add them to an album.  To my great surprise, things really took off.  I was getting submissions every few minutes.  It seemed like every time I updated my album, I’d get a few more.  I worried about bombarding my followers with constant updates to my page (judging from the few “unlikes” I got, I can tell it got annoying, sorry!) but I also wanted my submitter’s to know I saw and loved their posts!  And there wasn’t a post I didn’t like, you guys have great taste.  I mean really good.  Fancy.  After a couple of days of post after post, I decided to put a cap on it.  I wanted to have time to research each one to find a perfect fit.  By November 25, I had over 80 submissions!  Wowzers.  So cool.

contest15 contest9

Here's just a few of some of the posts I hope to make in the near future.
Here’s just a few of some of the posts I hope to make in the near future.


There were some posts that I found to be, hmm, how do I say this…. nearly impossible for me to make, and a couple I’m just unable to do at this time, but I appreciate your confidence in me as well as your creativity.   I will say that 95% of them were right up my alley.  And don’t forget, I happen to own an extremely capable, handsome contractor husband who always enjoys it when I bring him a new project…. ALWAYS.  He is enthusiastically willing to tell me I’m doing something wrong, and fix it. (because it’s so rare.  ha)  For real though…. he is a huge help and support in my business and I haven’t found a project he can’t do.


So maybe you are hoping I will get on with the winner?  It’s coming.  First I just want to give a genuine thanks to all the people who submitted ideas, who liked ideas, and who shared my contest.  I plan to make a lot of those ideas in this coming year.  I also want you all to know that if you like one of the ideas posted, and are interested in having it made, please message me and we can talk details.  Mostly, please know that I’m always trying to find a non-annoying or invasive way to connect with my Facebook followers, and this has been a total blast for me.  Thank you all so much!!


Just a reminder, the grand prize winner(s) will get their submissions made for free.  But there are also some smaller prizes.  Please message me if you are on the winners list, unless we have had earlier correspondence via messenger, Facebook will not let me send personal messages to people from my business page, so you must contact me!


I have decided to pick two grand prize winners, one bigger project, and one smaller (aka, easy-ish) project, these two winners will get their submission I chose made for Free!  I also have chosen some additional winners who will be receiving “de-uglied designs” gift certificates.  These can be used at the upcoming Junk Market (May 8-9), or for anything I have in  my “available items” album on Facebook.  They can also be used to have a custom wood photo sign made, or toward one of these many awesome Pinterest ideas.  (provided it’s one I can do)


The winners of the gift certificates are:


Most Facebook “likes”: Mari Franchuk!!  You win a $25 Gift Certificate!  (I think everyone would love to have this versatile piece!)

Most Facebook "Likes" Congrats Mari!
Most Facebook “Likes”
Congrats Mari!


Most Unique submission:  Tami Vigessa!!  You win a $25 Gift Certificate! (I loved this, and it gave me a hint of nostalgia, good old NES)

Most unique submission, congrats Tami!
Most unique submission, congrats Tami!


Most impossible for me to make:  Jill Hovey Schurman!!  You win a $25 Gift Certificate!  (zoinks… so cool, and sooo beyond my skill level!)

Most impossible for me to make!  Congrats Jill!
Most impossible for me to make! Congrats Jill!

Most submissions:  Karen Meidinger Reilly!!  You win a $25 Gift Certificate!  (thanks for the great ideas, and getting into the spirit of the contest!!)

Most submissions, (this one was my favorite) Congrats Karen!
Most submissions, (this one was my favorite) Congrats Karen!


The GRAND PRIZE winner of the small project goes to……. (insert drums beating. dat, dat, dat, dat, dat,dat…)


Jess Rieman!!!  For her “Love” sign because, who don’t need more of that!  Jess submitted many fantastic ideas and several were in my top 10!  Nice job Jess and congratulations!!  You will be getting this made for FREEEEEEEE! (in the burlap you suggested)


Grand Prize winner, congrats Jess!


And now… the moment you’ve all been waiting for….


The GRAND PRIZE winner of a large project goes to…… (insert louder drums…. even louder than before!  DAT, DAT, DAT, DAT, DAT…)

Katie Kringstad with the gorgeous wood headboard!  You will get this made for FREEEEEEE! (in a King right?… we’ll be in touch for details)


Grand Prize winner!!  Congrats Katie!
Grand Prize winner!! Congrats Katie!


Thanks again to everyone, I hope you all had fun with the contest!  And if you are interested in subscribing to my blog (which is hopefully going to be super awesome and full of fun DIY tips and tutorials) now’s a good time!  I might even throw in a photo of my cats if you’re very lucky.


Thanks again, Happy Holidays!  Winners… contact me!







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  1. Katie Kringstad
    December 2, 2014 at 3:50 am

    Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I am soooooooo beyond EXCITED!!!!!

  2. Shawna
    December 2, 2014 at 3:07 pm

    What a fun contest!!!! I love your choices!

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