Month: January 2015

Love sign and headboard tutorials! Part 1


I’m still trying to figure out this blog thing, please bear with me.  This might get oooogly.

A lot of you know about my recent contest where I suggested my Facebook followers submit a favorite Pinterest idea for the chance to have their idea made for free!  I got a lot of cool ideas, and decided to award two winners, along with some gift certificate prizes as well.


My first winner of what I would call the “simple, or easier project” was for the terrific “Love” sign.  Which I….love.  I didn’t feel like there was much need for a tutorial, but I did check out the original post to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.  Check it out here!    Yes, mine is a little different than the tutorial,  I had extra pallet wood, from one of my pallet walls, and I’m all about using what I already have laying around whenever possible.


I will warn you, this may be a simple project, but it was surprisingly time consuming.  Making that many rosettes takes a lot of time, and isn’t easy on hands that may or may not be showing signs of repetitive motion pains.  (Does playing Mario Kart on the Wii hurt anyone else’s thumbs?)  The end result is totally worth it.

DIY Pallet "love" sign.  I used white burlap, dark walnut and natural stain.  By de-uglied designs
Gotta “love” it.

My next prize winner was for a bigger project, I didn’t want you guys to think I was lazy by picking something too easy.   I took a cue from this terrific tutorial, added my own spin on it, and I’m thinking the end result is going to be fantastic!  I hope you like it.


So, first things first, I asked my very sweet contest winner to measure her bed, the width and height.  Then she had to decide how long she would like those little side shelves.  Her bed is a king, that’s 77 inches, she wanted 12 inches for each shelf, so that gives me a grand total of 101 inches.  Easy peasy.  I decided I would do 10 rows of 1×4 pine boards, just like in the tutorial.

DIY pine headboard, by deuglied designs
Starting to take shape!

I bought 10 foot boards but because I wanted a staggered look, I cut a seam randomly for the first row, and used the leftover from that row to start the next row.  I cut all 10 rows.  Then I flipped them around one at a time, starting with the top row, left side, I wrote 1a↑, and 1b↑ on the first row, 2a↑, and 2b↑, on the second row and so on.   The a is for the left side, b for right, the arrow is just to show me what direction is up.

Then, the sanding began.  I used an orbital sander, sanded each board and ends with 220 grit sandpaper.

Next comes staining.  I wanted the stain to be varied as well, so I went row by row alternating between two of my favorite stain colors.  Minwax’s Driftwood, and Dark Walnut.  Then I brought the headboard inside and let the stain dry for 24 hours.  Ok… longer, because life stuff kept keeping me from getting back to the project.  Life stuff doesn’t care that I want to make a headboard.

DIY pine headboard, stains used, dark walnut, driftwood.  By de-uglied designs
All stained up! (sorry, I was working on this at night, so the photo quality is poor)

After the stain had dried, I flipped the boards over to the backside, I was thankful for my trusty labeling at this point, because we did not bring the wood inside in any particular order.  Then I cut two pieces of 1×4, the height of the headboard. I lined up each side nice and flush, and glued and nailed the piece on both sides of the headboard.

Right side
Right side
Left side
Left side


Then you got to let the wood glue dry.  I have a hard time waiting, but this is important.

My husbands a real genius, and he suggested using these mending plates for some of the difficult seems, these things are fantastic.



What happened next was unfortunate for the headboard, but nice for me.  Christmas, New Year and a week off all all things to de-ugly, along with two days off at NDSU!  I spent my days off with family, being luxuriously lazy and eating too much.  I’m still suffering the consequences, but the extra blubber I put on helps me keep warm.


But now that the kids are back in school, and I’m getting back in the swing of things…. and I suppose I should be getting back to work.  Junk Market is just around the corner!   Stay tuned for my next post to see the final results of the headboard.



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